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Prophecy for these times

July 14th-17th 2017 – PLEASE SHARE Greetings folks, I’m heading up to Maine for the prophecy-based ceremony, Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island.  Sherri and I put on a call about this not too long ago, listen to an excerpt here and the whole story here. As I started putting together We Are Nature Rising, I was looking […]

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Indigenous has it right

“From Standing Rock to Queensland, colonized and indigenous people are demanding new relationships to water that sustains the life and land which provides for the people. This approach entails returning lands and resources to indigenous control and rethinking our relationship to the environment by recognizing and protecting indigenous values and the rights of nature through […]


The role of culture in shaping leadership identity

“The deeper we understand ourselves, the more of the world we identify with and, as a result, the wider our circle of relationships and belonging.” – Bill Plotkin We Are Nature Rising at it’s core is about leadership identifying with something greater than the self. It’s about identifying with community, with difference, with the greater collective […]

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It’s a Good Day to Live

Good Morning! It’s a good day to live. Warrior up. Live from a place of action based on principles. Join others in what matters. Connect outside with those you love and in your own. Thanksgiving begins today as a daily practice. As I think of Standing Rock, the destabilizing election and the future potential, I […]