“The deeper we understand ourselves, the more of the world we identify with and, as a result, the wider our circle of relationships and belonging.” – Bill Plotkin

We Are Nature Rising at it’s core is about leadership identifying with something greater than the self. It’s about identifying with community, with difference, with the greater collective and ultimately the natural world as a greater version of ourselves.

The role of culture is to guide the development of our humanity, honoring both wisdom and adaptive innovation. This includes the development of the self from an egoic identity to a collectively centered ecoic identity.  

There has been a lot of rapid change over time that has disrupted many culture’s ability to guide healthy human development.  The decline and outright loss of adolescent rites of passages, for example, has had traumatic impacts on adult behavior and moral compass.

We Are Nature Rising takes direction from the cultural practices that cause an individual to reflect on the deep questions such as “Who am I ?, What is my Essence? and What is my purposeful role in relation to the whole of my community?”.

These practices include solo times in nature, thoughtful self-narrative storytelling and deep listening time with those that hold knowledge and provoke inquiry.

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