July 14th-17th 2017 – PLEASE SHARE

Greetings folks,
I’m heading up to Maine for the prophecy-based ceremony, Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island.  Sherri and I put on a call about this not too long ago, listen to an excerpt here and the whole story here.

As I started putting together We Are Nature Rising, I was looking for Indigenous advisors to partner with and I was introduced to Sherri within a few weeks.  She instantly connected with the vision and said she was tasked with organizing a ceremony for an emerging prophecy that goes back hundreds of years.

I see this as the WANR ceremonial launch of the next generation leadership vision with indigenous partnership for a healthy planet.  She and I began partnering right away mostly through raising funds for this ceremony.  When you listen to the call she will speak about the elders who will be present at the ceremony and offering them gifts with the request to host future next generation WANR leaders, training them in earth wisdom and indigenous core values of leadership.

I would love to have a sharing call after I’m back in a week about the vision of We Are Nature Rising and the impact of this ceremony.  Will you listen in on the stories?

In the meantime, listen to the call with Sherri, read the information below and if you feel called, support this healing event that is for all of us, here. Send some love, mention your connection through us when you donate.

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Towards a regenerative future,


Prophecy of the Eastern Gate

Our ancestors have long carried the story that the East is where we will gather to begin the healing of this land. It is here in the East where first contact was made between the Native peoples and the newcomers. And, it is here that the first blood was spilled and our history of violence began. So, it is here on this same land that the healing must begin.

Our prophecies tell us that when the people of the Earth begin to rise and unite to heal Mother Earth they will need to return to the East, the place of first contact, and heal the wounds that we all carry from our shared history of violence. The East is also the direction of Creation, where new life emerges. Once the people unite in prayer on that land, the healing will begin and true unity can be achieved. Here, we will renew our sacred contracts with one another as human beings, and we will renew the sacred contracts between humans and the rest of creation.

The Wabanaki, the people of the first light, are the keepers of the Eastern Door. We are the first peoples to greet Kihsus, the Sun, each morning, and Nipawset, the Moon, each evening. Now, we open our hearts and our homeland to greet all of you, so that together we may begin to heal the wounds of Turtle Island and set a new path forward for all life.

Structure of Ceremony

The first day will be for healing the wounds carried within the hearts and minds of the people. The second day will be for healing the wounds of Mother Earth. And, the third day will be for healing the energetic and spiritual imprint of that wound that lays over the Earth.

The ceremonies will be conducted by spiritual elders from Indigenous communities around the world, and by spiritual leaders from other traditions. We will be gathering on healing ground, along the Penawahpskek (Penobscot) River, at Nibezun in Passadumkeag, Maine.

People from every corner of the world, and from all walks of life are welcome. We ask that you come with a good heart, and good mind, and carry the intention of healing with you.

About We Are Nature Rising:

  • How can we take action to support native people and support the earth at the same time?
  • As Connected Leaders in the workplace, nested within ecological systems, how can we leverage our resources and leadership to live regeneratively on the planet?
  • As leaders in the nature connection movement, how are we potentially positioned between the native world and the modern world to affect positive change?

We Are Nature Rising, launched in December, is an integrated response to these questions. We Are Nature Rising is a regenerative leadership project that will awaken young adults to their ecological identity, immerse them in regenerative culture and foster the leadership skills needed to act on behalf of the planet.

We Are Nature Rising weaves together my passion for nature-connected leadership, evolving the relational and ecological capacity of the business/financial world, and deep respect for indigenous core values that I believe will result in a healthy world for us all

Our aim is to systemically address the intersection of issues that we believe challenge our ecological, cultural and spiritual well-being today: Indigenous Rights, Climate Change, Extraction-Based Economy and Nature Disconnection. We believe now is the time to step up and actively develop an intergenerational eco-social justice strategy at the national level.