How are we all related? Whether from an indigenous perspective or from an ecology perspective, things point towards the truth that we are all intimately linked in a living system of relationships.

We Are Nature Rising is working to address the intersection of issues that challenge our ecological, cultural and spiritual well-being today: Indigenous Rights, Climate Change, Extraction-Based Economy and Nature Disconnection. As part of this effort, we wish to evolve thinking around philanthropic giving from a compartmentalized single issue approach to one that embraces the complexity of nature, culture, and leadership.  

During this webinar, Sherri Mitchell will discuss indigenous core values of kinship, responsibility, sharing and cooperation.  

What kind of cultural values are needed to cultivate the next generation of leaders?

How can we move towards integrating differences, and forming a new whole versus advancing a culture of winning and domination over others?  

How can we transform financial capital into social, cultural and natural capital for the purpose of long term regenerative culture?

This call is for those of you engaged in philanthropic giving, have the means to give and/or are willing to be a champion for this project by joining the Leadership Funding Circle. We are looking for partners who are interested in learning, and growing their capacity as leaders for eco-social change in the philanthropic community as well as advancing the aims for We Are Nature Rising.

There is limited seating on this call, if you are interested in attending live with us, register now.  If you are unable to make this time, registering will get you a recording of the call by email.

We are seeking a circle of visionary philanthropic supporters who will annually commit to a gift of $900- $90,000 for the next three years.  Our intention is to secure the first three years of operating expenses as soon as possible so that we can shift our focus to doing the work of We Are Nature Rising and not spend all our time raising money. Vision Circle members receive special updates and opportunities to directly connect with our indigenous partners and next generation leaders, as well as a chance to gather at our annual dinner.

Registering will include an invitation to a follow-up conversation about advancing We Are Nature Rising and a native event this summer healing the relationship between people and nature.


Sherri Mitchell, a Penobscot native advisor to We Are Nature Rising, is an indigenous rights activist and attorney. (Learn More)

Mark Morey, founder of We Are Nature Rising, fosters regenerative leadership values, practices and learning systems for communities and workplaces. (Learn More)